Table of Contents

Chapter I  General Information

  • Notation – Abbreviations
  • Glossary of Terms and Names
  • Drag and Theoretical Analysis
  • Non-Dimensional Coefficients
  • Physical Similarity Laws
  • Properties of Air and Water

Chapter II  Skin-Friction Drag

  • At Very Small Reynolds Numbers
  • General Boundary-Layer Data
  • Friction with Laminar B’Layer
  • With Turbulent boundary Layer
  • Friction of 3-Dimensional Bodies
  • Transition of B’Layer Flow
  • Laminar-Flow Foil Sections

Chapter III  Pressure Drag

  • At Very Small Reynolds Numbers
  • Mechanism of Flow Separation
  • Various Vortex Systems
  • Critical Reynolds Number
  • Drag of Round Bodies
  • Drag of Various Types of Plates
  • Drag of Wedges and Cones
  • Base-Drag Characteristics
  • Drag of Non-Solid Bodies
  • Reduction of Pressure Drag
  • Supplemental Notes

Chapter IV  Wind Loads on Structures

  • Wind Characteristics
  • Various Buildings
  • Cylindrical Structures
  • Other Structures

Chapter V  Surface Irregularities

  • Drag Due to Surface Roughness
  • Drag Due to Surface Imperfections
  • Imperfections, Streamline Shapes

Chapter VI Drag of Streamline Shapes

  • Drag of Wing and Strut Sections
  • Section Drag as a Function of Lift
  • Drag of Streamline Shapes
  • Supplemental Information

Chapter VII Drag due to Lift

  • Induced Drag and Aspect Ratio
  • Influence of Shape on Drag
  • In Various Wing Arrangements\
  • Drag in Small Aspect Ratios
  • Supplemental Notes

Chapter VIII Interference Drag

  • Between Pairs of Bodies
  • Drag on Half Bodies on Walls
  • On Three Dimensional Bodies
  • Wings (struts) and Walls
  • Interference Drag on Wings
  • Drag of Wing-Body Configurations

Chapter IX Internal-Flow Systems

  • Mechanics of Ducted Systems
  • Drag on Radiator Installations
  • Drag on Engine Installations
  • Heat and Compressibility Effects
  • Drag on In- and Outlet Openings

Chapter X Hydrodynamic Drag

  • Fully Submerged Bodies
  • Drag in Cavitating Flow
  • Drag of Surface Piercing Solids

Chapter XI Water-Borne Craft

  • Resistance of Displacement Vessels
  • Characteristics of Planning Craft
  • Hydrofoil Boats

Chapter XII  Land-Borne vehicles

  • Drag of Motor Vehicles
  • Drag of Railroad Vehicles
  • Supplementary

Chapter XIII  Aircraft Components

  • Drag of Fuselages
  • Drag of Engine Nacelles
  • Drag on Floats and Boat Hulls
  • Drag of Lifting surfaces
  • Drag of Landing Gears
  • Drag of External Loads
  • Drag of Miscellaneous Parts
  • Characteristics of Parachutes
  • Drag of Tow Targets

Chapter XIV  Drag of complete Airplanes

  • Drag of Airships
  • Drag Analysis of Fighter Airplanes
  • Performance of Other Airplanes

Chapter XV  Influence of Compressibility

  • Elements of Compressibility
  • Characteristics of Bluff Bodies
  • Skin Friction in Compressive Flow
  • Drag of Foil and Strut Sections
  • Critical Mach Number of Wings
  • Characteristics of Swept Wings
  • Streamline Bodies Characteristics
  • Drag of Aircraft Components
  • Drag of Airplane Configurations
  • Drag Above Drag Divergence

Chapter XVI  Drag at Transonic Speeds

  • Elements of Transonic Flow
  • Base Drag at Transonic Speeds
  • Bluff Bodies at Transonic Speeds
  • Transonic Drag of Slender Bodies
  • Drag of Swept and Pointed Wings
  • Drag of Aircraft Configurations

Chapter XVII    At Supersonic Speeds

  • Elements of Supersonic Flow
  • Friction Drag in Compressive Flow
  • Transonic Drag of Straight Wings
  • Straight Wings in Supersonic Flow
  • Drag of Wings Due to Lift
  • Drag of Rocket Vehicles

 Chapter XVIII  Drag at Hypersonic Speeds

  • Drag of Airfoil Sections
  • Cones and Similar Bodies
  • Free-Flying Configurations
  • Viscous Effects in Slender Shapes
  • Bluff Bodies at Hypersonic Speeds
  • Temperature and Heat transfer

Chapter XIX  Drag at High Speeds Affected by Viscosity & Rarefaction

  • Realms of Fluid Dynamics
  • Viscous Effects at High Speeds
  • Conditions in Upper Atmosphere
  • Drag in Free Molecule Flow

Chapter XX  Various Practical Results

  • Examples of Pressure Drag
  • Hydrodynamic Information
  • Results at Transonic Speeds
  • Nose Drag at Supersonic Speeds
  • Nacelles, Loads, External Stores
  • Surface Imperfections
  • Characteristics of Base Drag

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