Thank you for visiting the home of the official website for Hoerner Fluid Dynamics Drag Book. This website was created in honor of Sighard Hoerner and his wife, my mother Liselotte. They were both very interested in preserving the work Sighard did in publishing “Fluid-Dynamic Drag”. Sighard first published the book in 1951 and is still used as a valuable reference in the aerospace industry and other disciplines using fluid dynamics . The contribution Sighard made to the aerospace industry is profound. My husband has used this book in college and at Lockheed Martin as a Test Pilot.

As part of their desire and legacy, I am continuing to offer this resource book for the advancement of aerospace.

There are many others offering this book, but none have the copyright.  To assure you this website is part of the family heritage, review the attached photos.  These photos are the original untouched photos taken of Sighard and my mother.  No other seller of this book would have access to these photos.  This website is authentic and continues to provide this book in memory of Sighard Hoerner.

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Dr. Hoerner was married to Liselotte A. Heritsch. After his death in June 1971, my mother continued the mail order business, publishing and selling copies of the book to engineers and other interested parties around the world. Since my mother’s recent death, I am continuing the legacy to provide Fluid Dynamic Drag books for sale. I appreciate your interest in continuing the legacy and your contribution to the publication of this book in honor of Sighard Hoerner.